There is no way I can start this news with anything but the song, so get that puppy playing and continue reading. The Hollywood Reporter posts that J. J. Abrams is teaming up with Paramount to give us Jay Dyer's new spec, one that has a name that jumps back to the '80s -- Hot for Teacher.

Aptly, the film is said to be "a Superbad-like story of a high school senior who sets out to have sex with his teacher before he graduates." He's got it bad, he's got it bad, he's hot for teacher! My expectations have soared through the roof for this project, so I hope it's at least half as good as I imagine it could be. Yes, I have a long-standing appreciation for Diamond Dave.

If this is already being compared to Superbad, I'm expecting that there will be the classic "Hot for Teacher" dance in tuxes with the head clutch, the heart grab, and then crotch clasp. A verrrrrry long guitar solo library shot would be cool too. Part of Superbad's charm was merging current kids with old-school music, and this new project is based on a Van Halen song, so hopefully there are at least a few nods to the old days.
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