It's only been a few months since we got Annie Leibovitz's last round of stunning Disney recreations, and now we're getting one more. After the likes of round one'sAlice and Cinderella, and round two'sPeter Pan and Aladdin, Julianne Moore is getting a little wet.

Above you can see the latest image in the Disney series, "Where Another World is Just a Wish Away," courtesy of Just Jared (check out some hi-res pics there). Moore is Ariel in the recreation, and you can spot Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps at the bottom. Talk about perfect casting! Leibovitz really knows how to bring these scenes to life, and again, I wish that we could have films that are this stunning from beginning to end. It would be a feat similar to the likes of the artists who worked on Sleeping Beauty, but I think it would be well worth it. Well, one can dream.

If you want to see how this whole shoot came together, check out the YouTube clip after the jump.
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