Just last month, we heard about a contest where one lucky couple would have the honor of being married at the premiere of Made of Honor. Well, that lucky couple has been picked, and you can see their smiling faces over to the right. Michelle Golightly and Shaun Bollinger of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania are going to get hitched in a super-fancy Monday wedding in the Big Apple on April 28, right at the premiere of the film.

It might seem like a weird idea, but think about it -- these guys get to have top-of-the-line professionals put together their day, and it won't break their wallets or bring on the usual, insane piles of debt! They get a first-class, all-expenses-paid trip to Manhattan, where super talented wedding people style them up, get them dressed, take their pictures, get their rings, make their cake, and do everything else that a wedding requires. And to top all that off -- Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight is going to be the officiant -- it's so weird that I actually love the idea.

If you want to see this wildness for yourself, you can check out the webcast on Crackle.com, footage after the fact on ET the next night, or if you find yourself in the neighborhood, there's street space for people who want to check out the wedding and premiere -- it's all going down at the Ziegfeld on 54th.

I'm a big fan of original weddings that go at least slightly against the grain, so this whole scenario sounds like a hoot. But I wonder: what's the strangest, wackiest, or most original wedding you've ever witnessed, or been in? Share your stories below.