Boom! Studios is really experiencing a ... well, you know. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they just sold the rights to James L. White's five part comic series Hunter's Moon. Mekhi Phifer is set to star and co-produce the film, along with Boom! Entertainment, the studio's film shingle. White is in negotiations to adapt his graphic novel, and it will be his first screenplay since Ray.

Phifer plays a stockbroker, Lincoln Greer, who is looking forward to a hot date at a remote cabin, but gets stuck with his teenage son instead. The pair go on a weekend hunting trip, but the son is kidnapped. In order to save his kid, Greer is forced to obey his captor's demands, but soon finds matters complicated by being the only African-American in a small logging town.

There's shades of Ransom and Shattered in the plot description -- Ransom with racial tension. Maybe I am just feeling grumpy (and I haven't read the book), but I wish that the graphic novels being snapped up would have a real unique spark. There are so many good ones out there that it is disappointing to see the standard action thriller being bought up again and again. Still, the racial angle gives this some promise, and it is supposed to have a twist ending -- so best not to be too hasty.

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