This impressive-looking new (final?) poster for The Dark Knight recently appeared on the film's fun viral website, If nothing else, it has to be the most intimidating piece of advertising we've seen for a modern comic book movie. God bless Christopher Nolan for refusing to make anything about this franchise remotely cartoonish. How the hell Batman actually imprinted the flaming bat signal onto that skyscraper, I'm dying to know.

The website also contains a note reading "Four Days," which presumably means that one more trailer will appear on Monday, April 28th. (At least, that's what the folks at speculate, and I tend to agree.) If I didn't feel duty-bound to watch it, I probably wouldn't: this is one of the few summer flicks I'm dying to see unspoiled. Nolan makes movies, not frivolous money-making throwaways, and I think The Dark Knight will be no exception.

My favorite piece of Dark Knight artwork, by the way, remains this international poster (the first one, not the second), which was my desktop background for quite a while. It really seems to capture the essence of these new movies.