I really like Tilda Swinton, and I think she's a great actress. That being said, I think that her Oscar win this year was just a little silly. While it was, by no means, a bad performance, it didn't seem like the sort that would ever be considered the best there was last year, especially over Amy Ryan or even Cate's Bob Dylan. Was the win due to Tilda getting all pit-sweaty? Whatever the case, I'd like to see her acting chops praised for a wow performance rather than a normal good one. She has a whole ton of projects on the way, and has just added another, so maybe it will be one of these.

Variety reports that Swinton will once again team up with Italian director Luca Guadagnino (The Protagonists) to star in his new romantic drama, I Am Love (lo sono l'amore). She will play "a foreign society matron in Milan who falls for a young chef," and Variety says the film focuses on "the irreparable consequences brought about by love in a high-bourgeois family." Italian actress Alba Rohrwacher also has a role, but the rest of the cast hasn't been set yet.

I imagine this will be mostly romance with a wee little bit of food while the chef is at work, but the foodie in me hopes that we can get a good dose of Italian delicacies to feast on as well.
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