We get action-adventure thrillers all the time, and sometimes, they even dip back into history a little bit. But how often do they go really back? I'm not talking BC-times, but rather, to the Renaissance era? Variety reports that Phoenix Pictures has nabbed a spec script by Javier Rodriguez called The Heretic, which they are fast-tracking for our eager, moviegoer eyes.

The film focuses on "a fallen priest-turned-hitman sent by a rogue archbishop to assassinate Martin Luther, only to discover that not everyone is telling the truth." What? Old religious officials not telling the truth? That's crazy talk. I don't know why, but something about religious hitmen and rogue archbishops is sounding damn irresistible to me. I keep thinking of films like Grosse Pointe Blank, Pulp Fiction, and Leon, but in Renaissance garb and surrounded by crosses. And just how do you be a hitman way back then? It's not like you just sit in the shadows with a fancy gun and wait for your target to appear. They'd have to be more tricky -- maybe Russian-like with poison or something.

Phoenix is looking to start production by the first quarter, so we should get more news on the project relatively soon. In the meantime, who would you cast in a film like this? We all know the usual action-thriller stars, but which of them could pull off the hitman aspect, the religious flavor, and the historical, Renaissance context?
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