You know how you've been really, excited about the Lost Boys sequel? OK, just pretend you have been. Seriously, go along with me here. It's called Lost Boys: The Tribe, and some of the various Coreys who were in the 1987 original will appear in it, alongside younger, hotter actors like Tad Hilgenbrinck and Autumn Reeser. Warner Premiere is sending it straight to DVD and Blu-Ray this summer, and the folks over at Bloody Disgusting have the cover art, a bit of which I've sampled here.

Yep, sure enough: That's a DVD cover, all right. The Angus Sutherland referenced is indeed related to Kiefer (they're half-brothers). Why there's a guy on a motorcycle, I don't know. Why not, I guess?

If you were worried that this sequel might deviate in some way from the cult-favorite original, rest easy. Corey Feldman told MTV News: "Once again, you have a fish-out-of-water story of two young folks who move into a new town to visit their relatives and find themselves caught up with a bunch of bloodsuckers.... I really like the script because of the fact that it is very close and very true to the structure of the original film." I take this to mean that, like most DVD sequels, it will be the exact same story as the original, but with different actors. But hey, Coreys! Squeeee!