Here's the most annoying thing about the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival so far (and I hate to start off my first "live" post with a complaint, but it must come out): There's a rule this year that says the press cannot file the review of a world premiere until it's screened for the public. This is pretty ridiculous no matter how you look at it; if anything, if your film is playing a festival alongside hundreds of other films, you kinda want to take a chance on an early review in order to get people to come to the screenings. Not only regular moviegoers, but buyers too. Sure, a bad review may screw you if it comes out prior to the film screening, but regardless that same bad review will turn up eventually -- so does it really matter when it hits?

Additionally, it stinks for us because we have to set up a whole system to make sure reviews don't accidentally get published before the first public screening. We have people double and triple checking, because, well, as moronic as this rule is, it's still a rule. And we here at Cinematical follow rules. That being said, I am having a good time so far, though the screenings have been hectic and a bit mis-managed. It's hard, though, since it just NOW got hella beautiful in NYC (we're talking sunny and 80 degrees), so EVERYONE is outside. This makes it harder to do anything, let alone manage 4 different lines full of people with either a ticket or one of several multi-colored badges. "Are you a pink badge? Blue? Green? Orange? Do you even have a badge? Who has a rainbow badge? How did they get a rainbow badge? And I totally dig the ivory with a splash of lemon badge!"

Ah, Tribeca -- I love ya! If you were a normal festival, it wouldn't be set in New York City.