Pictured: Bart Got a Room writer-director Brian Hecker with William H. Macy

The 2008 Tribeca Film Festival has already produced its first little gem inBart Got a Room, a charming teen sex comedy set in the vibrant, pastel-colored retirement communities of South Florida. Cinematical had a chance to conduct an email interview with writer-director Brian Hecker prior to Bart's premiere at the festival, and it went something like this:

Cinematical: A film like Bart Got a Room has "personal story" written all over it. How close is this film to your own life growing up?

Brian Hecker: The film is very close to my life growing up as a real nerd in South Florida. Of course, elements are stretched for comedic purposes, but the essence of it is painfully close to home.

Cinematical: Why do teenagers care so much about what other teenagers are doing?

BH: I don't think it's just teenagers. In our society, most people think about or worry about what other people are doing in relation to themselves. It's the cause of most people's suffering, and it's quite stupid and unnecessary when you start examining why we do this. High school is a place where you're stuck with the same small group of people year after year, so it's most apparent in this environment.