(Note: This review contains slightly salty language. I tried to avoid it, but the movie at hand made it pretty much impossible. Comedies about pornography are funny that way.)

I know tons of film geeks who were big fans of James Westby'sFilm Geek -- but unfortunately I wasn't really one of them. That's not to say it's a rotten little indie, but I felt the flick had some real tonal inconsistencies, plus the lead character was an insufferable, unrealistic idiot. But I thought there was certainly enough there to remember Westby's name for when his next movie rolled around, and I'm glad I did. Westby's latest, a mockumentary farce about a legenday porno director, is called The Auteur. It's based on a short film the director shot a few years back, it features the same leading man (Melik Malkasian) found in Film Geek, and (while it definitely sags just a bit in the middle section), it's really, really funny.

Arturo Domingo considers himself the Stanley Kubrick of pornography (or as he pronounces it with a cartoonishly Italian accent: porno-graff-ee) and he's got the filmography to prove it: After hitting the big-time (and getting tossed out of USC) with a film called Five Easy Nieces, Domingo's career is rocking. Along with his regular leading man Frank E. Normo, Arturo bangs out money-makers like My Left Nut and Requiem for a Wet Dream -- but things start to fall apart on the set of the epic war porno Full Metal Jackoff. Turns out that in addition to being a visionary artist, a sex genius, and an on-set tyrant, Arturo is also an insanely jealous man: His career crumbles when he alienates his lovely wife one time too many.