Now here's an intentionally grungy and effectively low-budget horror flick that actually feels like it's been hidden in a vault for the last thirty years. Allegedly based on some actual documented events that took place deep inside Texas during the 1970s, The Wild Man of the Navidad is certainly nothing new under the horror sun, but it's an admirably rustic, respectably presented, and (eventually) rather spirited little terror tale.

Our semi-hero is a misfit named Dale Rogers, who putters around in Sublime, Texas, as a welder of some sort. Poor Dale has a very sick wife, a rather twisted best friend/roommate, and a ravenous man-beast roaming his acreage. But when Dale loses his job, he's forced to open up his land for deer hunting, despite the fact that he KNOWS there's a ravenous man-beast roaming his acreage. Toss in a few subplots about moonshine, spooky legends, and creepy perversions, and you've got a flick that would probably make for a good double feature with Sasquatch or The Legend of Boggy Creek. (If you remember either of those movies, then you'll probably dig this one.)