A. I know it's one of our oldest and most revered cities, but New York is more or less completely under construction. Seriously. Every other building I walk by is coated with scaffolding. The very hotel I'm staying in is drilling new windowsills into the concrete all day every day! Oddly enough, nobody mentioned this when the room was booked.

B. All non-taxi automobiles should be absolutely banned from the NYC streets. Nell Carter's arteries weren't this clogged.

C. I got a new copy of the 2-disc Rio Bravo set from a local pharmacy. For ten bucks! Cool! (It's got a John Carpenter audio commentary!)

D. One NYC legend that's entirely accurate: The women. Seriously, I think I have whiplash from checking out all the pretty ladies. And yes, I'll be suing the city for that whiplash.

E. If you smile at someone in this city, they will instantly take one step backwards. It's actually kind of funny.

F. I covered this already, but seriously? Driving through this town is like sticking your fist down a kitten's throat: It's ugly, it takes a long time, and it doesn't really get you anywhere. The city should either add a second tier of city streets, or it should hire someone to invent jet-cars already. It's like Blade Runner here.