Have you ever seen Bruce Campbell as a heavenly angel? With all the work he's done, the above image is something I never dreamed I would see. They should axe mall santas and use him at Christmas time. Anyway...

It's about friggin' time -- My Name is Bruce is going to hit theaters this October, and then descend upon DVD shelves everywhere in January 2009. I was beginning to think this whole flick was made and then hidden away, serving as an endless taunt for those of us who adore Bruce Campbell. I posted about pictures all the way back in 2006. Scott shared the trailer last December.

Now HorrorMovies.ca has some new pics for our enjoyment, such as that absolutely wonderful one above. The gallery also includes a diner shot group meal, some monster fighting, a trio of musicians, and Bruce being a helpful pointer. In case you forgot -- the film focuses on a small town that gets taken over by demons, so they get Bruce to come and save the day. It also features lines like: "It's just you and me, Top Ramen."
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