One of the best things Neil Patrick Harris ever did was star as "Neil Patrick Harris" in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I say NPH, and not "himself," because it's not like this is really NPH -- at least, he'd like us to believe that he's not stealing cars and having risque adventures with the ladies. While his stint as a version of himself is one of the most popular, he's not alone. Entertainment Weekly has thrown up a list of 23 famous names who have played themselves, so to speak, on the big and small screens.

There's a bunch on there you should remember, whether it's talk of superhero sex with Stan Lee in Mallrats, or Marcel Marceau getting to speak in Silent Movie. It's a pretty solid list, and has some great cinematic cameos in the mix, like two of my absolute favorites -- Marshall McLuhan inAnnie Halland Kurt Vonnegut in Back to School. Although really, I don't agree with David Bowie being the best real-life cameo inZoolander. For me, it will always be Billy "Put a Cork in It!" Zane.

But what about you? Check out the EW list, search your memory, and weigh in below about your favorite cinematic cameos.
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