Are any of you super-fans? I'm talking about the type of fanatic who will buy every single thing associated with a beloved franchise or movie -- from toys to posters -- plus any video store or movie theater paraphernalia that can be scored. If you are, what do you do if you love Christopher Nolan's take on Batman? More specifically, what happens if you run out of wall space? Do you keep them on rotation?* More posters for The Dark Knight have popped up online, over at, and you can check out one of them above.

I'm really digging these obscured-face posters (although not so much the action shots). They're eerie and simple, yet they say so much -- especially with the inclusion of Harvey Dent. It alludes to this whole Two-Face scenario, as well as the way each man chooses to fight -- with games, with weapons, and with politics. I just wish we didn't have to wait so long to see it! Yes, when we've been anxiously awaiting the dark world of Batman, and Heath Ledger's last complete performance, July 18 is too far away.

*And what do you do when the next movie you love comes out? Do you ever have retro months where everything from one movie comes out of storage?

[via Empire]