Remember that Mary, Queen of Scots flick in the works starring Scarlett Johansson? No, I'm not talking about The Other Boleyn Girl, but rather the other old look at UK royalty. The actress has been attached to the project for a while now, and after some cash and distribution deals at Cannes last year, the film is heading into production in the very-Scottish land of Ireland.

The Guardian reports that just like Braveheart, the production is not only filming in Ireland, but it will also use Irish army reservists again as extras on the battlefield. As it stands, the film will shoot for 6-7 weeks in Ireland (possibly including Cahir Castle), followed by 3 in Scotland -- I would assume the latter is for any particular and distinct locales that need to be used. The piece notes that this should be good for tourism spin-offs, but I hope that also includes the wonderful land of Scotland in that, since it seems to be either too expensive, or not Scottish enough. I'm still dreaming about a day when I get my butt to Robbie Burns land (although I don't know if I have the guts yet to eat the haggis).

Side note: Did you know that Ridley Scott was once attached to produce and direct the film right after Matchstick Men? I wonder what it would have been like, and who would've starred...

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