Have you watched the trailer for Made of Honor? Did you catch this casting bite? Yes, A Different World's Dwayne Wayne, also known as Kadeem Hardison, plays one of Patrick Dempsey's friends in the upcoming romcom. He's been showing up in a lot of the film's clips that have been circling the net, and every time I see them, I'm catapulted back in time.

But Kadeem's career was more than just the bespeckled Wayne. He had a part in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, and also in one of my old-school favorites from childhood -- the television movie of The House of Dies Drear. He played Mac, part of the jerky Darrow clan, but also a young boy trying to befriend Thomas Small, who has just moved into the haunted, Underground Railroad house of Dies Drear.

Are there any other Drear fans out there? If not, head after the jump for a taste of A Different World, where Dwayne dances with his jersey tucked into his pants. Man, he was stylin'.