Count me among the ranks of drooling Dark Cityfanboys. The original DVD is a prized possession of mine -- aside from being a good transfer of a great film, it also features one of the best commentary tracks I've ever heard (thanks Rog!). There had been whispers of a Director's Cut DVD as early as 2005 and as late as three weeks ago. Now, courtesy of Ropeofsilicon, we have hard facts.

The new disc will hit on July 29th, in both standard and Blu-Ray formats. The new cut isn't just a "little longer," as previously reported, but 15 minutes longer -- 111 minutes instead of 96. And you can see the beautiful new cover art below the fold. No official word on the other rumored additions Scott talked about earlier in the month -- a new score, new special effects, new interviews, a possible theatrical re-release -- but since those had come from co-writer David S. Goyer, we can assume that they're forthcoming (except the theatrical re-release, which seems like wishful thinking). Warner Bros. did say that the DVD will include "new special features."

Director Alex Proyas, meanwhile, is back in the sci-fi saddle, working on the intriguing-sounding Knowing with Nicolas Cage. A movie of Dark City's caliber is unlikely, to put it mildly, but we can dream.
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