It's hard to review Todd Rohal'sThe Guatemalan Handshake. It doesn't follow a set narrative structure; there is no complete story. Take Richard Linklater, Harmony Korine, and David Lynch, combine them into one man, shackle them to strange, small-town America, and inject them with thoughts of short shorts, strange characters, and lots of atomic buzzing -- then, just maybe, you can begin to imagine what's in store for you with this film.

At its vaguest, the film follows what happens after one man disappears one strange afternoon in a rural town near Three Mile island. Musician and actor Will Oldham, who has worked with indie names from John Sayles to Harmony Korine, begins the tale as Donald Turnupseed -- a young man who walks off and vanishes during a big power outage. No one seems especially concerned about his disappearance, except the young Turkeylegs (Katy Haywood), who tries to get the police involved before getting distracted by the crazy people who surround her.