In his post on Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis sticking with The Hobbit, Eugene linked to an article on When asked about casting roles, Guillermo del Toro had mentioned the above actors, and then said: "It is our intention that we will not lose any of the key elements." While that was vague enough that it could have meant many things, it looks like del Toro intends to bring back as much of the cast as he can.

In a discussion with MTV, del Toro said: "I want to be very clear about this. I am not going to recast any actor that is willing and able to work with us. It would be my hope to bring back the same actors to play the parts. The casting on the trilogy was perfect." If you wanted the same actors, now is the time to start rejoicing and hope that they're free. If you wanted some changes, there's always the chance that someone won't be available. I mean heck, del Toro is temporarily moving to New Zealand for this project.

The rest of the interview is housed here, and Guillermo talks a lot about his plans, and that whole "I was never into heroic fantasy" quote. He also says this for the fans: "My message is simple: If you don't think [Peter] did a fabulous job, very likely you won't think I will. If you think he did, I will do my best to make you proud of me."
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