Sick Nurses, just now hitting DVD from Magnolia Pictures, is a Thai film known in its homeland as Suay Laak Sai. Directors Piraphan Laoyont and Thodsapol Siriwiwat are obviously familiar with recent Asian horror cinema as this one is very much in the image of The Ring,The Grudge and others. Production values are quite good, and some of the scares rank pretty high on the creep-o-meter, though the story is a cookie-cutter tale of ghostly revenge.

A group of nurses and Dr. Taa have a lucrative business selling bodies from the hospital they work at (a hospital, incidentally, that never seems to have any actual patients). One of the nurses, a girl named Tahwaan is engaged to Dr. Taa, but she catches him having sex with her sister Nook. When Tahwaan threatens to expose their corpse selling business, the others murder her to keep her quiet. As Ae points out, legend has it that the dead return for the one they love the most seven days after death. True enough, Tahwaan is soon back from the grave sporting that emo hairdo on steroids that all Asian ghosts seem to have these days and greenish black skin. The first time we see her in her spectral form, she quite memorably comes crawling out of a handbag.
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