Remember these tots, Tia and Tony? In 1975, they made an Escape to Witch Mountain to get away from a money-hungry millionaire. Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that both Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann will be returning for Disney's reimagining, Race to Witch Mountain. Of course, they're a little too old to play Tia and Tony, so that job is for AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig. Instead, Richards will play "a waitress at a roadhouse called Rays, in a town called Stony Creek," while Eisenmann plays a sheriff.

Also added to the cast are Tom Everett Scott (Because I Said So), Chris Marquette (Fanboys), Billy Brown (Cloverfield), and Cheech Marin. The first three roles are all sorts of special -- Scott plays a medical specialist, Marquette plays a computer specialist, and Brown plays a military specialist working for the bad guy. Cheech, meanwhile, is a helpful mechanic.

There's nowhere, however, to race right yet. The film is getting released next Spring.