Before going to see Cloverfield, I read someone mention Michael Giacchino's fantastic musical score for the film. As it dawned on me that the movie proper had no musical score, I started to think that the writer had been making a sarcastic joke, and I hadn't read carefully enough to pick up on it. Of course, I was just being impatient: the music -- which is fantastic indeed -- shows up at the end. "Roar!", the beautiful 12-minute composition that played during Cloverfield's credits, is now available for a buck-ninety-nine, exclusively from the iTunes Music Store. Operatic and grand, it's a classical piece of movie music in the best John Williams/Jerry Goldsmith tradition.

iTunes has "Roar!" in its vastly superior "iTunes Plus" format, with a higher bit rate and no DRM -- so if, like me, you boycott anything with copy protection, it won't be off-limits. The movie itself is available for iTunes download starting today, as well.

Giacchino, one of Hollywood's genius composers of the moment, also scored this summer's Speed Racer, which makes me all the more excited for that film (though I seem increasingly to be the only one). He also has J.J. Abrams' Star Trekand Land of the Lost coming up.

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