Universal sent us this sneak peek of the poster (click to enlarge) for the third (technically, fourth) installment in The Mummy series (who ever thought this would be a franchise?)! That's definitely Jet Li as our villain, crumbling into so much evil dust. Actually, I am alarmed at what looks like the usual "swirling dust" effect -- so unusual in the first Mummy, so out of place in Van Helsing. But surely they are going to be using all new CGI for an all new mummy, right?

Ignore me, I'm just annoyed that Rachel Weisz won't be appearing. I loved her brainy Egyptologist until they sexed her up in the sequel. That was so cheap. Girls who decipher ancient languages are sexy on their own -- keep that in mind while filling her retro shoes, Maria Bello! Are you guys excited about this one? It's funny that it comes out at the tail end of summer, another archealogical adventure to fill the void left by Indiana Jones.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
arrives in theaters on August 1.