You never know who is in the audience!

There is a letter that is going up for auction on eBay tomorrow, written by J.D. Salinger in 1981 to Janet Eagleson, a woman he had an affair with. (And this isn't the first time this has happened.) It's not a tumultuous letter of passion, but rather a catch-up note that includes his thoughts on a few films he had just seen.

First up, there's The Last Metro, which inspires him to say that it "wasn't exactly indelibly fine, but Deneuve herself maybe was, or came close... I'll coast on the Deneuve performance the rest of the summer. She was always a good actress, but had never seen her with all this much restraint and finesse."

But his thoughts on Raiders of the Lost Ark weren't so nice: "I got hooked into seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark, which might be excused for its unwitty, unfunny awful socko-ness if it had been put together by Harvard Lampoon seniors."

How fitting that someone decided to auction this puppy off as Indy gets ready for his next adventure on the big screen. I guess Salinger won't be going to see this latest installment. Should you want a letter typed by the famous recluse, bidding will start at $1,250.00.

[via Empire]
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