Sorry, ASFR ( fans, this isn't a story of robot love. Mechanical Love has a more humanist approach, tapping not into the sexual world of Real Dolls and non-human sexual outlets, but rather the desire and need for companionship.

Phie Ambo'sMechanical Love begins by noting that soon the elderly will outnumber children for the first time in human history. Obviously, this leads to questions about how these people will be cared for -- and I don't just mean how they will get fed and provided shelter, but also who will give them actual care and attention. The older generations already have a limited number of ways to get personal interaction, even though it is something that is necessary to continue their drive to live. In response to these changes and concerns, there are engineers like Professor Ishiguro who are developing robots not for work or sex, but for human companionship.
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