According to Variety, Karl Urban is set to star in Relentless, a 3-D action film that will be directed by Demian Lichtenstein.

Relentless is the story of four extreme sports professionals who survive a plane crash in the Amazon jungle. They must use all of their survival instincts to outrun a tribe of homicidal natives, who are hunting them through the jungle. I am willing to bet the natives are also cannibals, because no one makes a jungle movie without cannibals.
The description leads me to envision this as a cross between Alive and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Only in 3-D.

Lichtenstein has been following James Cameron on Avatar, and was trained in 3-D filmmaking by DreamWorks' James Mainard and Phil McNally. "I am fascinated with the new 3-D technology and know that this script is a perfect match to take advantage of the unlimited potential of what 3-D can do. After being mentored by James Cameron on the set of his new 3-D film Avatar, I knew that 3-D movies are no longer just a fad. It is the future of filmmaking."

As I have yet to see a movie in this newfangled 3-D format -- I was ditched for that 3-D redo of Nightmare Before Christmas I don't know how many times, and I had no interest in Beowulf because I am a literary purist. Is it as amazing as the hype? Are we just seeing a fad, a ghost from the 1950's? So far, with Avatar being an exception (mostly because we know nothing about it), it just seems an excuse to make rather silly scripts. Nothing about the upcoming 3-D Journey to the Center of the Earth looks at all appealing, except for the 3-D elements. It all seems like something you line up for at Disneyland. But I confess, I am very behind on this whole trend, so I am genuinely interested to hear your thoughts about it.
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