In the last week, it feels like Iron Man has suddenly gone mainstream. It went from being "another one of them geek movies" to a movie everyone is lining up for. Even my mom is interested, and I can never interest her in anything that originated from a comic book.

But, while this could be the movie that crumbles the walls between geekdom and the ordinary world, there are still going to be many people walking in and out of that theatre confused about all things Tony Stark. Or they will be bitten by the bug, and suddenly desire a stack of graphic novels and comic books beside their bed.

To help, our good friends over at ComicMix have put together a helpful reading list of essential Iron Man stories. I'm delighted to see that Armor Wars (the crazy comic story my friend Matt desires to see onscreen) made the cut . So did another contender for that list, Doomquest, which sees Tony Stark and Doctor Doom hurled into Arthurian England. it's not just essential reading for the new Iron Man movie -- it is essential reading for our Cinematical content too!

I don't know if you can manage to track all of these down before Iron Man opens on Friday -- but it does give you some handy reading for the weekend. And remember to check out their essential Batman reading list before The Dark Knight.

Thank you Rick, for sending this to us!