An alternate version of the new trailer for The Dark Knighthas been whispered about online for two days now, but I hadn't seen a decent bootleg version with my very own eyes. At last, one was put up on YouTube -- check it out above. As you probably remember, during that (patently unfair) viral campaign that saw about three hundred lucky fans invited to theatres all over the planet, from Seattle to London, one lucky fan in each group got a film reel of the trailer to keep. Everyone assumed it was just a standard copy of the thing.

Wrong. It turns out this version has been edited by the Joker -- lots of black-eyed smiley faces and "HA HAs." I haven't watched the whole thing because, again, I want to see the new trailer relatively unspoilt, but it is pretty funny. Especially the JUMP! he scrawls next to Batman.

It's good to see the Joker running around the Internet again; I'm going to miss the crazy guy come July 18th. It's been fun. I rather wish they would release this trailer into theatres, though, if only to gauge the audience reaction! And why stop there -- as a final gag, the Joker ought to mess around with all those midnight showing reels.