Please, please, please let this be as good as it could be. The Hollywood Reporter posts that America Ferrera has signed on for a new coming-of-age drama, but it sounds like a little bit more than a pair of magical, traveling pants that fit every friend who tries them on. The project is called An Invisible Sign of My Own, and it's Marilyn Agrelo's first film since her documentary, Mad Hot Ballroom.

My hopes are stemming from the plot. The film is based on Aimee Bender's novel "about a 20-year-old loner named Mona Gray (Ferrera) who as a child turned to math for salvation after her father became ill. As an adult, Gray now teaches the subject and must help her students through their own crises." Now, it sounds like your typical feel-good school story, but I'm really loving the idea of a popular young woman on the big screen who finds comfort in math, rather than makeovers or the rest of the stereotypical scenarios Hollywood throws at us. As long as it's put together in a solid film, this could be really great. That aside, the story is not without its quirks -- this girl has a hidden passion for soap eating and a habit for knocking on wood, but maybe that will come together in a charming manner.

However, I'm not as comforted by the thought that the adaptation comes from Wedding Planner scribes Michael Ellis and Pamela Falk. Please, please, please let this be better than that!
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