Friendships are hard to maintain in the face of a selection of life paths and opportunities. Heck, just the other day, I was trying to come to terms with the news that one of my favorite city folk was thinking about moving out of the city and into the country; no burbs by bus -- I'm talking animals, green grass, and long, winding roads. So there's lots of paths Columbia can take with their latest project, Dumped, which was posted the other day on The Hollywood Reporter.

is the brainchild of newbie writer Scott Rothman, and it focuses on "two lifelong friends who experience a difficult breakup when one suddenly embraces adulthood while the other refuses to let go of his careless, bachelor lifestyle." Now I'm bummed. With all the options out there, we're getting more stories about the guy who goes straight, gets off his tuckus, and battles the bachelor who shuns responsibility? Is there any new way to display this? At the very least, I hope it isn't due to a woman who becomes canon fodder on the battlefield.

But since this has been done so many times before, I ask you: Which is your favorite bachelor -vs- adult man battle story? Because it is so very cold today and I have beach on the brain, I'm going to say Under the Boardwalk and Nick vs. his friends.
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