So check out this pretty nifty Redbelt poster. Now what's interesting about the image above is that it's a "fight poster," which means it's not an actual poster FOR the movie, it's a poster promoting the big fight that takes place IN the movie. Talk about something cool to add to your geeked-out movie collection, huh? Not only that, but this poster also comes signed by David Mamet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ricky Jay, David Paymer, Emily Mortimer, Renato Magno, John Machado, and Joe Mantegna. Uh, yeah -- something tells me a lot of you folks might want one of these. Fine! Take them all, you bloody scavengers! Here's how this will play out:

You leave a comment (prior to 5PM EST on Monday, May 5) telling us why you're itching to see Redbelt. We'll then choose five random commenters, all of whom will be sent the fabulous poster featured above. It's that easy! Redbelt arrives in theaters in New York and LA tomorrow and nationwide on May 9. Check out the film's trailer, as well as the official rules for this contest, after the jump.