Holy crap! We're getting a horror flick that's not a remake! And it's one that sounds strange enough that it might actually be fun, if they pull it together right. Variety reports that Master P and his young offspring Lil' Romeo are going to star in a slasher film called The Pig People, which will be directed by David Grueringer. As they describe it, some college students head out to a haunted forest for some reason, where they get terrorized by "half-swine, half-human creatures."

Scary pig people warrants further research, so this is what I've found. AllHipHop says that Romeo will play TJ, one of the students who head into the woods. The reason for this excursion: They're shooting a documentary for their film class about these unsolved murders that have led to myths about scary pig people. Talk about dumb -- I can see a myth with no facts, but I'm not so sure I'd set out to debunk a myth in the woods when the killer is still at large! Oh, stupid people and horror films. Master P, meanwhile, is co-starring as the villain, which, I imagine, means we'll see him in pig face.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to listen to some Pigface.
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