It's not the debt of a big-budget film, but rather, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Miramax has nabbed a spec for the remake of the Israeli thriller The Debt. Matthew Vaughn, who directed Layer Cake and collaborates with Guy Ritchie, wrote the remake with writing partner Jane Goldman.

The film focuses on "three Mossad agents who, 20 years after World War II's end, learn that a Nazi war criminal is still alive, and set out to pursue him across Europe." But it's a little more than that, according to the summary of the original on IMDb. In 1965, this Nazi criminal broke out of the safehouse where he was held, and the agents who kept him there saved their own hides by claiming that he committed suicide. However, an article in a small-town paper pops up in the '90s, which says he's alive and willing to admit his crimes. The agents, now old men, concoct a scheme to finish the job and save their reputations. I imagine the "debt" comes in when they convince the woman who was with them and led to the criminal's escape, to do the deed.

For whatever reason, Vaughn is not planning to direct this script, and a bunch of other directors are said to be interested. Guy Ritchie maybe? Nah, he's busy trying to fix his own career.

If any of you out there have seen the film, what do you think?
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