As if I needed another reason to look forward to Speed Racer, it looks like the first teaser trailer for December's Twilight will ship with the prints of the May 9th film. According to Collider, the trailer will ship "in the can" rather than attached to the print, which works as a strong suggestion to exhibitors that they should show the trailer with the film, but isn't a mandate. So if you're considering buying a Speed Racer ticket to get your first glimpse of Twilight, you should know you'd be taking a chance.

I'm quite curious to see the trailer, not because I'm a fan of the novels (which I now feel duty-bound to read) or think that Robert Pattinson is dreamy, but because I'm so fascinated by the singularly bizarre pop culture phenomenon that this movie represents. There's been a sort of droning hum in the film community about Twilight becoming a Christmastime mega-hit, but no one (save Kim Voynar) can find anything useful to say about it because no one knows what it is. Adults without children of the right age are completely out of the loop on something that -- we're told -- is going to absolutely burst out of the gate. This was not the case with Harry Potter, which raises a question: How explosive can Twilight be given its age and gender-specific appeal?