It's been eightteen years since we got The New Batch of gremlins, and twenty-four since they popped on the screen in the first place. Now, for some reason, BT Business decided to revive the little critters and let them wreak havoc on an office and Dragon Den's Peter Jones. Nothing is sacred! This comes right on the heels of this Meat Loaf-ized ad.

Eh, at least it isn't trying to pull up memories of Labyrinth. My god, if the commercial gods somehow convince David Bowie to portray Jareth once again ... for a commercial, I'll just cry -- and not, in any way, out of happiness.

Of course, this new commercial is already brewing thoughts of sequels, and considering the fact that The Lost Boys just headed into that territory, I wouldn't be surprised if we soon got some news on a Gremlins Part 3. (Just stay away from Joe Dante's Innerspace, people!)

Are you ready for more crazy gremlin action?