With Made of Honor now hitting the screens, we're getting even more McDreamy. But being a "made of honor" who wants to crash his best friend's wedding is far from Patrick Dempsey's first gig. There are many other roles in the mix, so Entertainment Weekly has thrown together a list of the actor's 16 "key roles." Now, this isn't all super-star material, since Dempsey dipped out of the spotlight for a while, but the list definitely takes you back in time.

The guy has been around -- from gigolos to road trips, literary adaptations to monkey viruses. (Do you remember him in Outbreak? I completely forgot that he was in that.) It's a pretty decent list. Frankly, I'd forgotten all that came between Can't Buy Me Love and Scream 3.

I have to say -- I like him much more these days. I was one of those people who never liked Can't Buy Me Love. I'd watch it with friends, and their hopeful glances would turn into insidious lasers prodding for a positive reaction. Ronald Miller just wasn't for me. But I realize that I'm in the minority on that one. Sound off below on your favorite Dempsey flick, or if you're not a fan at all, rant about the sensation that is Dempsey.
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