After the Justice League movie slowly (and quietly) fell apart, that cast of almost-superheroes had to look for different work. Now, Moviehole reports that Teresa Palmer (who was supposed to play Talia al Ghul in JLA) has landed a role in Transformers 2. This seems to be a pretty solid bit of news, seeing as our friend Clint knows the gal personally. As of now, we have no idea who she's playing and/or whether she gets to make out with a giant robot. Yuck! Totally weird!

We haven't seen much of this Australian beauty on the big screen; she did the creepy thing in films like Wolf Creek and The Grudge 2, but also lined up roles in Kids in America, Bedtime Stories (that Adam Sandler comedy) and, now, Transformers 2 (I wonder if Michael Bay will find a way to clone himself for this production?). Needless to say, get ready for a new pretty face around town, folks. Yesterday we learned that Jonah Hill might be in negotiations to star opposite Shia LaBeouf as his dorky college roommate (aka comic relief), which is a move I'm personally not crazy about. But, whatev ...

Teresa Palmer? Jonah Hill? What do you folks think about this new Transformers cast? And do the humans in the film even matter at all?
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