While it can be quite neat to stumble upon a movie set when walking down the street, scouring all the type and posters to try and figure out what film it is, I imagine it has to be a big pain in the ass when long shoots film for weeks on end in people's neighborhoods. It certainly seems to be the case for 65-year-old retiree Dresden Graham. The Hollywood Reporter posts that she has become incensed over production of Will Smith'sSeven Pounds, which is filming in her 'hood.

Now you might just think that it's an old woman getting crotchety. But imagine this: for two weeks, a film production moves into your neighborhood taking up the parking places (some people in the area have had to take shuttles to get to their apartments because there is no parking), using "bright lights, rain machines, and Great Danes" until 3 AM, and the kicker: parking the portable toilets right in front of your house. No wonder she's ticked. I wouldn't be happy to be bathed in sewer smells for two weeks so that a movie could shoot in a neighbor's house.

Graham is so unhappy that she's put up huge posters telling the production to hit the road (which seems to have gotten her some cash, according to the report). Reuters adds that this has made the production have to "construct a false flowered wall to hide them from the camera's view." So, if you hit theaters for Seven Pounds, and you spot that flowered wall, now you know who was behind it.
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