It is true, he has spoken. While he didn't say much more than Simon Pegg or John Cho did, it was possibly enough to infuriate loyal Trekkies. In an interview with the Associated Press (via Empire), director J.J. Abrams swore he would reinvent Star Trek.
"I feel like this is so unlike what you expect, so unlike the Star Trek you've seen. At the same time, it's being true to what's come before, honoring it. I can say the effects for Star Trek have never, ever been done like this. ... I can only tell you the idea of the universe of Star Trek has never been given this kind of treatment." (That is a lot of Star Treks in one paragraph. Don't blame me, he said it.)

Abrams has been adamant that he wants to capture new Trek fans, as well as please old ones. He pretty much has to -- the Trek fanbase has shrunk more with each series, the conventions a faint memory in most cities, the market of Spock ears all but gone. (I can say that, I went to my local Trek convention in the days of Enterprise, and it was just sad.) He repeated his goal to the AP, and while I see nothing to upset even the diehard fans ... well, you never know.

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