New Line might not be the company it once was, but they're continuing to pick up projects. The Hollywood Reporter posts that they've made its first purchase since downsizing, putting $500,000 against $1 million on the line for a comedy spec by Chad Kultgen (Average American Male) called Dan Mintner: Badass for Hire. Oh yes, it's just as it sounds.

Producer Beau Flynn says: "It's a homage to Cobra, Predator, Missing in Action. The baddest dude in the world in supertight jeans, chewing on a matchstick, stuck in the '80s but kicking ass in the present day." Being a fan of a good comedy/spoof mixed with action, this could be oh, so good, if it's teamed with the right music. It would also be awesome to see some cameos by the tough men of yesteryear (not just dudes like Van Damme or Lundgren -- I'm thinking the A-Team).

What confuses me, however, are the comparisons used in the piece. Flynn says it's an R-rated comedy in the spirit of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and the Wedding Crashers. Huh? Well, at least H&K made perfect use of a certain, grating infamous song. But the kicker in this -- who could play Dan Mintner? I'd think he has to be old enough to remember the '80s, yet young enough that it isn't just some old dude trying to be bad. Any ideas?
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