We've gotten so very many young heroes fighting in the realms of fantasy; magic, vampires, secret worlds -- you name it, they're everywhere. Now it looks like we're getting a new sort of teen hero, one of the science fiction sort. Variety reports that New Regency has picked up the rights to an upcoming young-adult novel by James Patterson called The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.

It sounds like a funky action adventure story. Daniel X follows "the adventures of a conflicted yet extraordinary teen who yearns to discover secrets about himself and his family as he battles alien outlaws who threaten life on Earth." Will he do all his battling on Earth? Will he jet off into space? We'll have to wait and see since the book doesn't hit shelves until July. But some time after that, we should expect not only more Daniel X books, but also a graphic novel and this upcoming flick.

Hopefully this will do better than Jumper, which Regency recently co-financed. As of now, there is no word on who will adapt the story. Between this and Star Trek, it looks like the big screen is about to get a lot more space-filled.
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