Well, Grand Theft Auto or no Grand Theft Auto, Iron Manwins at life, raking in somewhere from $32 to 35 million on Friday, depending on whom you believe. That puts it on track for an opening weekend between $90 million and $100 million, ensuring a string of sequels and a big champagne bash over at Paramount. But it may also mean a great deal for the future of one Robert Downey, Jr., who tackled the title role with spectacular wit and charm. If an über-lucrative mainstream career is what he wants, it's probably now his for the taking. His role as a blackface-donning thespian in Tropic Thunder later this summer should help even more.

All this is by way of introduction to the fantastic long-player on Downey that is this month's GQ cover story. It covers the bases of the actor's famous checkered past -- the arrests, the tumultuous rehab stints, Matt Palmieri's violent intervention -- but also his slow-and-steady return, and his current precarious, drug-free perch at the top. Matthew Klam spent the day with the actor, hanging out at Downey's Brentwood Mansion, going indoor skydiving, and having a kung fu training session during which Downey punched him in the face. He lets loose with all sorts of candid details about the man's life and recovery (endless health shakes and vitamin pills, a butler-slash-best-friend), but it's more than just a piece of celebrity gossip -- it's a genuinely interesting look at a multifaceted, one-of-a-kind talent who's been through a lot. Take a look.