This isn't exactly earth-shattering news, but hey: it's the weekend. According to a SlashFilm tipster, Michael Bay and Team Transformers will be spending parts of the summer at the University of Pennsylvania, which happens to be where I've just completed a far-too-long six-year stint. It sounds like Penn will be hosting Sam Witwicky's fraternity -- a good choice, because there are a bunch of beautiful old fraternity houses around here. Dollars to donuts they'll be using a particularly remarkable one called The Castle, which looks just like, well... a castle. You can see a picture over on the right. It's a major controversy magnet on campus, but the student tour groups love it.

Anyway, it'll be exciting to see my (by then, old) stomping grounds on the big screen next year -- the only comparable experience I've had came when M. Night Shyamalan used my hometown of Newtown, PA for a sizable segment of Signs. I guess I wish it were something other than Transformers 2, since I thought the first one was among last year's worst summer movies. But if you'll be at Penn this summer and want to be an extra in a blockbuster, keep your eyes peeled -- you might get the opportunity.
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