It's not a pretty story. Imagine that your daughter is raped and murdered while staying at an Indian resort in Goa. You then have to force authorities to investigate what was originally ruled as a drowning, and then you don't even get to bring back all of your daughter. It sounds too weird to be true, and now the BBC reports that the story is getting made into a Bollywood film, with reports saying that "Prabhakar Shukla has already approached actress Katrina Kaif and will start filming in July."

In February, the 15-year-old Scarlett Keeling was murdered while in Doa. After an initial flub that ruled her death as a drowning, a murder investigation was opened, and two men have been arrested for her death. But the really strange part -- her uterus, kidneys, and stomach were removed and now her mother has to fight to have them returned. What the eff?! "The Indian government told Mrs MacKeown there was no system in place for her request to be carried out. Mr Varma said his client could formally request that the organs be flown back to the UK, but if this could not be done she would have to return to Goa." Umm ... okay.

The film is said to be welcomed by Scarlett's mom, if the facts are portrayed correctly, "... but if there is too much of a deterioration from the facts she will be disturbed by it because the film is what the Indian people will believe." Hopefully it helps her plight. I can't even begin to imagine having to fight to keep all of your daughter intact when she's laid to rest.
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