It's been a long time since John Francis Daley made a cult name for himself on Freaks and Geeks. Since then, he's popped up on a bunch of other television shows, from the one-season Kitchen Confidential to the current skeleton-solving Bones, but he's also building a pretty sweet screenwriting gig for himself. Last year, the writer/actor sold a spec called The $40,000 Man for Terry Zwigoff to direct, and now The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's teaming with Jonathan Goldstein (The New Adventures of Old Christine) to rewrite Greg Pace's family comedy, currently titled Fun.

Honestly, it does sound like fun -- sort of Jumanji meets Mad Magazine. Remember all those back-page ads in comics and kids mags that would give you seemingly immense power for only a couple of bucks? Well, Fun focuses on "two childhood friends who ordered a slew of novelty toys (such as X-ray glasses, Sea-Monkeys, and transforming robots) from the back pages of their late-'70s comic books. Thirty years later, the toys begin living up to their wild advertising claims, forcing the pair to save their town from ensuing chaos."

The best family movies usually merge old-school memories for the adults with funky stories for the kids, so this has a lot of potential. I just wonder how the Sea Monkeys fit in. Will they grow bigger so people can actually see them? Or will the little buggers slip into the drinking water while a poor sap tips the glass to take a drink?

My head's buzzing with all the old-school toy possibilities. What novelties would you like to see come to life?
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