On Drainiac's audio commentary, writer/director Brett Piper explains that the original 2000 DVD release of this film was essentially unfinished. This new version, which arrives on DVD from Shock-o-Rama on June 24, is newly derived from the original negatives (yes, this baby was shot on 16 millimeter film) with sound and special effects enhancement. Since so much effort went into making this nearly unwatchable revised version, I have to suspect that viewing original imperfect release might very well be lethal.

One of the first clues to the disaster that is Drainiac is the box cover. It's a pretty cool illustration of a slimy creature crawling out of a sink drain and reaching for the viewer, though it's obviously not a photo and doesn't represent anything actually seen in the film. Furthermore if you've ever seen any other movie from the Shock-o-Rama catalog (like Piper's other flick Bacterium, which I reviewed here), you know darn well they could never afford to do this kind of creature effectively.
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