One of the most important pieces to the cinematic puzzle is something you cannot buy -- chemistry. It's either there, or it's not. When it is, the relationship sizzles off the screen. When it's not, the whole experience is just plain flat and boring. In honor of the former, those cinematic supercouples, Moviefone has pulled together a list of the Top 25 Sexiest Movie Couples, and they've definitely hit many different forms of coupling -- the sexy women, the sexy men, the men and women, the rich man and the hooker, and just about everything in between.

Aside from Pretty Woman, there's lots of other couples to choose from. The list starts with Catherine and Antonio in the Mask of Zorro -- for that scene we all remember with the sword and the disrobing. Of course, Moviefone lists Out of Sight, the movie that makes even naysayers praise J-Lo. There's also the classic Gone with the Wind, Stella groovin' with Taye Diggs and Angela Basset, Baby in the corner, and some super-sexy postman-ringing action.

Some placements and films will probably surprise you. I was surprised how close to #25 Naomi Watts and Laura Harring's tryst in Mulholland Drive was. But what do you think is missing? Personally, out of all the old-school couples on there, it's sad to see no Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. To me, they're THE couple. (Oh, that final scene from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner...) Check out the list and sound off below!
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