Watch out, TV land -- there's another tabloid princess on the horizon. Britney Spears' stint on How I Met Your Mother brought in a ton of viewers, and now Lindsay Lohan is getting her shot. After rumors broke last fall, Variety reports that the actress will have a guest spot on ABC's Ugly Betty. Unlike Spears, who started off with brief role, and is now reprising it, Lohan has signed on to do an extended gig. LiLo will pop up in Betty's May 22 season finale, plus another 5 episodes next season, and she's already begun filming her first stint.

It seems that LiLo will play an old schoolmate of Betty Suarez (America Ferrera). "Lohan's character was not particularly nice to Betty back then, but when the two bump into each other in the finale, Lohan's character is down on her luck, in sharp contrast to Betty's glamorous and promising career at Gotham fashion mag, Mode." Hmm... That sounds a bit familiar!

I must say -- I prefer this to the strippage, and this could be good for the actress -- re-proving her acting chops in something simple, to an already established audience, rather than mis-guided movie choices. (Although Ye Olde Times is a good pick.) Now we'll have to see if she can bring in the same audiences that Britney scored.
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